It starts with WHY.

Our WHY is that we love bringing joy to people. We happen to do it through preparing and serving food.

In 2001 PureBread was born. Since then, PureBread has grown to five locations, a production facility/training center, and has over 90 employees committed to delighting each guest.

Too many food establishments put out an inoffensive product fit for the masses. Our objective is to wow our guests with creative, distinguishable flavors. Bring your palate. We are not a chain. We are a locally owned and operated group of upscale cafés determined to ‘Make it Better’.

We start each day with fresh-baked bread and muffins. Our bakers arrive early to start mixing the ingredients. After the dough has proofed and baked, it is ready for our unique blend of ingredients. Smoked salmon, brie, prosciutto, oven-roasted tomatoes, champagne mustard, lobster bisque and curry vinaigrette are just a few of the menu items you won’t find at the bigger national chains.

We offer an unmatched variety of gourmet soups, salads, sandwiches, fresh-brewed coffee, and superb baked goods. Our menu continually evolves to showcase what we feel are delicious, unique flavor combinations. We are here to provide a memorable dining experience and we will do our best to customize this experience for every guest.
Whenever possible, PureBread partners with locally owned suppliers and donates each day’s leftover baked goods to the local Food Banks.

Thank you for enjoying PureBread. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.


We love dogs.

We feature our guests’ dogs on TV displays in all our stores and celebrate these canines each fall in our PureBread Pups Calendar.

Over the years, we realized that dogs exemplify all the excellent qualities of what we feel are great service. Dogs are helpful, loving, playful, love to serve, retrieve with speed, and work together to accomplish great things. We incorporate all these aspects into our staff training and culture.


Our goal of bringing JOY to all who enter PureBread still stands. But our vision is much larger.

We believe that our children are the key to a beautiful future. We feel we can positively impact our world by teaching our employees values, leadership, responsibility, teamwork, reaching potential, continual improvement, overcoming obstacles, increased determination, and operational excellence.

Our objective is to be the parents’ first choice for their child’s employer. We want to be part of a solid foundation of work ethic, skill set, and self-confidence.

Over the years, many of our former employees have gone on to be amazing parents, successful business people, impactful community leaders, and great citizens. We will always do our best to add to this list.

Thank you for visiting PureBread. Thank you for doing your part to make our world a better place.

Smile. Be Kind. Do Good.