Searching for PureBread Pup for the Year 2018


We encourage high-quality color photos. Printed photos must be at least 10” x 8” in size and glossy finish is preferred. Digital submissions must be AT LEAST 300 dpi, 1200 pixels wide x 800 pixels tall, and in JPG format. Any photos with less than this resolution may be disqualified. If you’re unable to compress your larger native files for upload, please contact us to arrange alternate methods of submission.

  • All entries must be horizontal, due to the design of the calendar.
  • No artwork, paintings, Polaroids or enhanced images will be accepted.
  • Photos will not be returned
  • Deadline for calendar submissions is October 14, 2017

Please Note: All item orders take up to 4 business day to be processed. Call if expedited delivery is necessary. Thanks!